Saturday, December 13, 2008

Become Aware... Make Aware...

This whole study/ presentation puts in to right perspective so many relevant aspects of our lifestyle and how that is directly connected to the deterioration of the very planet we inhabit. Which means, we are responsible for it in someway, which means, ignorance is no bliss, which means, we cant take what's dumped on us. Which means, alarmingly, we need to be more AWARE.

Annie Leonard spent nearly 10 years of her life researching & traveling around the world, gathering information and putting this the way we see it. What we see is hard-hitting and candid.

I wonder if we did a simulation of this study that is India specific what would the findings be?

The noisy beginnings that some may call 'interventions' are too scarce to redeem the drastic damage already done- to our planet, its people and the systems arouns us.But each of needs to resolve to do our bit. At the rate the deterioration is happening, it would take millions of us to do something- not just voice our opinions or feel terrible about it.

To start with- I decided I would never get packaged fruit juices anymore- fresh, they will be made. And a religious practice of carrying cloth/ jute bag to get veggies- wont be a sporadic practice anymore.

And yes, do tell your friends and folks about this- circulate.

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MJ said...

Wonderful site. Its nice to know there are moderate opinions about the carbon footprint left by developed economies.