Thursday, March 30, 2006

Wonder Years

Park amusements every evening,
Cycling the summers away,
Picnicing Nruptunga hills, carrying with us sandwiches, cake and cookies all 14 0f us.

Being a pest to the rest
(Esp sis n bro)
Playing lagori till we lost the ball or rather until we couldn't find it no more,
Playing badminton till the sunset blinded the shuttle,
And carrom, snake & ladder, ludo, scrabble after that sunset.
TV was turned on when Malgudi days, Ramayan and Mahabharat were on air
And we counted commercials in the breaks.

Then came satellite TV and changed the importance TV had in our lives and that of friends' too.
Some took on to reading books. But many, most, went with the TV.

October cast beautiful skies and stars too.
Festivals and celebrations beckoned us hometownwards
Striked a bond with cousins that careless childhood had shed away.

Evening walks and treks one fed on,
Munching chips and sipping coke.
Opinions commenced to form
And slowly one opened to the world around.
Like Thumbelina.

The wonder(ful) years have taken their rightful place in memory and mind's eye.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bonded Labour

Now dont be deceived by the title! Nor by what is generally understood of bonded labour.

Am not referring to the bonded labour we studied about in history textbooks (who knows if its not history yet- existing in a lost corner of yet another ignored, remote village). Wat am referring to insinuates the labour rendering into years of working with the same organisation, people, household or even a cause for that matter. Its almost a labour of/ for love.

This is an ode to these three men I see at work everyday.

Parshuram ~ 20 years and still going.
Never been late/ absent on a single day except when he's been bed ridden. He's a hallmark of recognition at the place he works and a role model too.

Anant Jorapur ~ 11 years and climbing higher.
Class 12 education. Humble beginnings of a worker. A story of focused toil and alchemy that now stands him today as a supervisor. His equals are science and engg grads.

Ravi Kankannavar~ 10 long years and he's still electrifying.
Yes. He's an electrifying electrician and mechanic. There's more to him than his soiled cap and laconic smile. Just a look at a machine and he dives deep until he makes the machine roar again.

On another note, the place I interned at lost almost 12 people left in one year.
(Guess its all about the alchemy of the right people in the right place doing their rightful thing)

Really, gone are the days of bonded labour.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Young Changemakers

The Ashoka Foundation, as u know, supports young social entrepreneurs who render societal change ( u'll find the link to Ashoka to ur right).

The very thought of youth engaged in societal change is incredible.
While a lot sit back and speak, they sit forth and act.

And this time around... its awarding them.

Change is the only REAL constant. And may it always loom worthwhile.

Knocking some sense...

Save Trees. Trees Save.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Upside down, inside out...

That screech beckoned them to rush...!!
In exasperated gasps and weak knees the victim pointed out to the big fat, scary, stodgy, dodgy, unusual, (ugly- if I may call it so!)....guess wat?...... LIZARDD!

Brooms, brushes, bags and all came in a jiff, as the mighty "MoP-it-out Operation" began.
Soon things went flying out of the room, few went to their rightful places- some dustbins and some on shelves. In astute alarm they stood- waiting for its every unexpected turn. They stood like Tom but Jerry was smart and he whisked.

Beds got turned upside down and every nook and cranny got scanned. But it hid in a place no one could find (which is why it was a lizard!).

Soon everything fell in place as the evening advanced into the night.

And as midnight came crawling so did the familiar "big fat, scary, stodgy, dodgy, unusual, (ugly- if I may call it so!)....guess wat?...... LIZARDD!"

And speed knew no bounds as quilt n' pillow were gathered in a flight leaving behind the luxury to the LIZARD to do what it may please- LURK AROUND!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How true...

'The only thing worse than hearing the alarm clock in the morning is not hearing it'

A greatly acclaimed book

A greatly acclaimed book.
This is how the read goes...
Marathon reading continues.
Get cozy.
You start to search for what the acclaim was/is worth (unconsciously though).
You doze halfway thru the book.
You tell urself the best is yet to come, its a greatly acclaimed book, after all.
You read with renewed vigour.
You keep searching
You check the language.
Recheck the language; get immersed in the story, the characters, the philosophy
(if there was one)
Its the end of the book.
You wake up.
Keep the book aside, nonchalantly.
Yes. U question--- what was that acclaim all about?!

Friday, March 10, 2006


Amazing paintings of Lord Krishna here . Go to the 'Art' section in the mainpage.