Sunday, September 26, 2004

drops of mercy

i need tiny, sublime drops of mercy. we all do at times. it rejuvenates our being.

we so depend on an external object to be the recipient of our beneficence.

a disturbing fricton with providence. and my very being.

i need tiny, genuine drops of mercy. at times we want to flee away frm someone who fails to understand us. we want to break free.

but something pulls u back and u decide to fall prey to the viciuos chain.....of FORGIVENeSS.

yes, i need tiny drops of mercy to liberate my soul.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

gud times

A few days back…
S: “ You know what??? I encountered a mad woman in the train today”
C: “ You know what??? A mad man hugged me!!!”
S: “what??? LOL!!!”

S: “ You know what???” a eunuch touched me today!”
C: “ You know what a eunuch smooched J coz he refused to give he/ she/ it (??) money” besides a eunuch also punched me once…”

That’s C, my dear friend for u. we strike great conversation…all I have to do is spark a conversation and share an incident and she wud have an almost unbelievable tail to entail the conversation in which D, S and me are nothing less than amused to listen to her encounters… be it the one where she wore a red top and got into a pool when they went for a holiday and the colour bleeded and folks giving her suspicious looks….( LOL) or her falling off the bike and the SELF-LAUGH which ensued or the great tale of the mad man who hugged her in the wee hours of the morning. While she was still asleep at the bus stand, the insane man decides C needs a hug and embraces her out of her sleep!!!! She wud never ever be asleep in the bus stand!

We have struck a good wavelength and every day the journey back home is something I look forward to… coz I have S to open up to… C to strike great chords and of course D who is an inseparable part.

Hmm the joys of CAMARADERIE........ !

Truly.... the best things in life are MUSIC>>>>>>> PHILOSOPHY>>>>>> FRIENDS!