Monday, February 14, 2005


One of the principal pleasures in life is to ‘imagine’. Einstein says a mind once stretched cannot come back to its original state. When one sees larger horizons, touches and feels them, trivial matters cease to bother his being. The horizons beckon him and leave him aching.
The horizons of landscapes and roads, peoples and cultures, of perceptions and divinities gesture me to come to them.

This slow journey to my horizons moves on with highs and lows, joys and sorrows, hopes and crashes, smiles and tears and myriad emotions overwhelming me each day.

While I learn to live and live to learn, each day has come to be a metamorphosis.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

bolt hole....

i cant recall the many times my tears have put me to sleep.

sweet tears lull me to sleep, once more, i pray.

in the hour of pain and the time i lose the game.

i cry to my pillow, my safe haven.

sweet tears lull my shame.

my breath i can hear it console me.

and my heart, it beats a tragic song.

PAIN........lull me to sleep..............FOREVER.

Monday, February 07, 2005

conversations in poetry

I love the poetic conversations Sabeti and me have during classes…. On pieces of papers of course. Unfortunately, I can’t replicate the touch and sight of the paper. But
I sure can store here, what’s on the paper…

Here it goes… on the long Saturday class on Corporate Branding, jargons juggle in our heads and we escape to our thoughts…perceptions… of all that depicts who we are and who we are not and who we want to be…

Simi: The sun rises with a promise of a journey,
The sunrays split across the horizon
So did the paths on the promised journey.
Hovering clouds drifted the lone traveler
Till he looked around him the sliver christens

The sun set with a promise of another journey
Here, there were no rays, there was no light
The stars shone with the promise of a dream
A dream so vibrant… a dream so vast…

Sabzi: In the night
All the colors are one
Walking past the past
Hoping against hope
My eyes were no longer closed
When the sun ate the stars.

Simi: The blue waters reflected and rippled memories
Life is not a fading a memory
It is a memoir.
I looked into those waters that once rippled laughter
Now it reflected the past and an intriguing search…
As I looked deeper into the waters…
I found no reflections… there were no ripples.
I found no one, but myself
The waters were a vacuum of realm

Sabzi: They tell me stories I don’t fathom
I only feel
All that’s unreal
I stop to dance
To the whistle of a tune
Long outlived
In my solitaire
Friends are scarce… (NO END)