Saturday, January 28, 2012

I will slip away but never fall out of...

I have been reading a lot lately, no other way but to do so to keep up with the ever- increasing list of 'books to be read'. 

Thanks to an amazing book club I joined in early 2011 which magnetically zapped me back to intensive reading.

I am almost finishing the Surya trilogy by author Jamila Gavin- a set that hub and I picked up at the Institute of Engineers book sale. I plan on doing a review of it soon.

Big, bulky 1Q84 is a world in itself (first book I bought on takes you to another place and time and makes you almost witness a story unravel- it's not for nothing, Murakami is so celebrated.

Coming up for the next book club meet, we're reading G. B. Shaw's Pygmallion. The last I read a play was part of the Literature curriculum back in college. Eager to revisit the genre after years.

Looking through page by page, book by book,
I will skip away, but never fall out of... reading!