Monday, April 07, 2008

Heritage Hysteria

Wonder what some of these posts were doing-sitting idle for all this while. Posting all the stuff resting in the drafts folder...

There were these temples that were built some hundreds of years ago right across the city where I grew up. Ofcourse, I did'nt know of its existence until a year ago. An intent search to see (neglected monuments- nt that i was discovering them even if the feeling was such :) ) places like this took me there. And need I mention the state this wondrous temple was in? Shambles. So one sunday evening the father and daughter duo drove along the raging colors of the setting sun...

Archaelogical Survey of India (ASI) has demarcated it as a site of 'historical importance' and put up a board with its paint chipped off from it. There's nothing much to read about the significance and story of the temple. I craned for information and sought to speak with the temple pujari whose ancestral profession and duty its been, to render worship to the deity of Lord Shiva in this temple. He's worried what will happen to the temple after him. He has no sons, and no one in the family wants to take on the profession of a humble pujari.

It brings me to the point that's been on my mind's horizon, for as long as I think and even more after visiting a few World Heritage Sites - as identified by UNESCO. Does it take a UNESCO to tell us that ancient temples that abound this country are Heritage Sites? Does it take their funds to restore a befitting respect of maintaining these sites? Does it take a 7 wonders Foundation to label a monument?

The lack of cognizance and attention these monuments beget in our lives is shameful to say the least. They are a living testimony to our great heritage.

If each person, every home, every community, every school, college, organisation takes a step forward and builds an awareness of such places in its precincts and instills a pinch of respect- there would be much hope in some restoration of respect to the glory of India that was and in this humility, we will take India back to its glory.

A revolution starts with small steps, it starts WITH YOU and ME.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Just the way it is...

In this world,
In the contour of every pleasure lurks pain,
In its core, there is void
In every love, there is lack
Every victory, there’s defeat
For every happy song, there is a poignant past and an uncertain future.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Was that a smile... or life itself?

Was that a crack on the frozen river?
To let the waiting water trickle beneath the frozen glass,
To come gushing out and run along, dance along…

Was that a smile?
Or was it the flaming fire, dancing to reach the sky?
Was that a smile?
Or was it the winds, lifting and swaying with it, the whole world?

Was that a smile?
Or victory? Or victor?
Or the search for it?
Or was that a mountain that stood tall yet still?
Was it benevolence or was it munificence?

What was it?
Humility to stamp(ede) over?
Or honour to crown?
Was that the glint of wit?
Or the light of wisdom?
Was that patience, perseverance or tolerance?
Was that the sparkle of an idea?
Or was it divine revelation?

Many things can never be understood.
Most others can never be described.
But there are very few things that remain etched forever in the mind’s eye…
Like that smile.

A January Jot

Something I jotted in January...