Sunday, October 30, 2005

wandering ponderings...

deVASTated by nature's wrath,
overpowered by its tumultous rage,
nimble egos crumble.
fumbling under their breath, even if only for a second, in helpless agony.

how significanlty insignificant we are.
us homo sapiens.

right from the tsunami, to the incessant rains that hovered over us like a mighty-messenger telling us all helplessness in our face, grinding the city that never sleeps to a halt and the city of lost lakes to a rain-water-logged city.

in this picture of nature's maganinimity, look at deve(il) gowda lashing it out on naive Narayan Murthy. Bush tyrannying with Iraq (come on USA...haven't u learned from Vietnam.. Korea.. doesnt ur heart bleed for erasing innocent faces off the earth??!)
and like many, the thing that stings to hear is what Iraniand Head of State Mahommad Khatami recently said-
to wipe Israel from the face of the earth.

whatever little power we have is dovetailed in enemity , greed for more power, lust for/of war, craving for blood and death.

when are we going to rise above all of this?
what is it that will humble us?
why does one man's (or woman's) thirst to be all powerful destroy human lives and economies?

will the good really ever triumph over the bad?

( as i come to close this post, i see kids in my neighbourhood out in the garden, playing in the mud with cheer n delight.
time will peel them off their innocence and unfold a world out there, they wudn't have ever conceived. the world we are making for them)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

music to my ears....

This urge to write something, say something... drifted me to hum a favorite song of mine... current favorite, i mean....

'It's not always rainbows and butterflies
It's compromise that moves us along
My heart is full and my door's always open
You can come anytime you want

I don't mind spending everyday
Out on your corner in the pouring rain
Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
And she will be loved
And she will be loved
And she will be loved
And she will be loved'

..... that's awesome Maroon 5

and that brings me to wonder what a baneless life it would be without music.

Cant seem to fathom each day without music.
It not only adds zest to life but is a constant companion to one's self.
It connects us with ourselves and to people who connect with it.
It helps live each day better and beautiful.
It alleviates mind and soul.

Disha n myself have hummed songs on those dinners after work, travels to pune, n local train journeys, on the trek to junnar where we sat on the cliff of a mountain n not only soaked-in silence and the wild beauty of the valley and but also the waterfall-thrashing along with the Linkin Park song ''I've become so numb.
Walks with Dinelle in Bandra were sing-a-songs shaping up bonds.

Karanjeet calls me one sunday late noon and plays me the song Sunday bloody sunday... she was speaking to me through the song...

Avinash once told me that when we meet we would sing till the singer became the song. ( Avi's a great guitarist).

I recently was on a petite getaway... to which i took only myself n my radio... to an island.
Eerie as it was to me... I was walking on a street. It din't have a name.
And the song that goes on air is 'Where the streets have no name''

Then there's this tramp who i was following and he gives a penny to a fellow tramp (probably gave away his last penny) n Bruce Springsteen is in earshot with his ''Human Touch''

These things make u sit-up and somehow see the mysterious orchestration of all that's around U.

Music is like the mind...

It makes u think... and FEEL
It tells u what to do and what not to...
It screams at u... ridicules u n nevertheless consoles u
It excites u... makes u happy n sad....
It makes u cry... steals u away to another world...
It takes u to people n places faraway from u...
It boomerangs u to the past and catapults u into the far flung future...

And it is with or without u always....

Friday, October 07, 2005


why are people reckless with other people's feelings?
why do they say things lightly n pass a cold air of hurt...
without even knowing... without even caring to know...

some of those questions one never seems to get answers to...

Monday, October 03, 2005

Uncommon talk with a common man

After my work out at the gym, I paced up the stairs to head home.
Stopped by to read through a paper and hold my breath.

I was deeply buried in an excerpt on business ethics, when a rustic hum drifted my attention.

The guard was humming, without realizing he was audible…
And that was the beginning of ‘some’ conversation I’ve had in a while…

‘Bhayya, aapne gaana seekha hai kya?
Nahi madam, hum to gao main gaate the… jab sab milke program karte the, UP main’

Two consecutive draughts ruined his farm, some row in the village and a desire to break-free was why he was here, in ‘pardes’, in Mumbai.

I asked him why he would stay in a city like this, where he dint have family, no proper place to stay… that made me realize he had been thinking about it.

Why was I talking to him about this?? About him relocating to his village and pursue his ‘kheti’ and be in his village, in where he BELONGED.

As Steve Jobbs says, you can connect the dots only when you look back. Till then you gotta believe. That what’s happening is for the best and will show what it means later…

So this conversation will fall in place sometime… sooner or later. For now, it will be an uncommon conversation with the common man.

And may he hum along life......

Gandhi Jayanthi

Come October 2nd...
everyone remembers and celebrates Gandhi's jayanthi (birhtday)-
the media, the government, the politicians
and we, the people as well.

Well, Gandhi's is not an occasion, Gandhi is not a celebration,
Gandhi is not a page from the history....
we should not let him be either....

Gandhi(an) is a way of life...
living each day by his pronciples is his true celebration and

Living with peace, humility and righteousness is THE celebration...

A better nation we will be by practicing righteousnous---
the media, the government, the politicians and
WE, the people...

So instead of Gandhi jayanthi... it will become...Gandhi JAYanthi..