Monday, October 03, 2005

Uncommon talk with a common man

After my work out at the gym, I paced up the stairs to head home.
Stopped by to read through a paper and hold my breath.

I was deeply buried in an excerpt on business ethics, when a rustic hum drifted my attention.

The guard was humming, without realizing he was audible…
And that was the beginning of ‘some’ conversation I’ve had in a while…

‘Bhayya, aapne gaana seekha hai kya?
Nahi madam, hum to gao main gaate the… jab sab milke program karte the, UP main’

Two consecutive draughts ruined his farm, some row in the village and a desire to break-free was why he was here, in ‘pardes’, in Mumbai.

I asked him why he would stay in a city like this, where he dint have family, no proper place to stay… that made me realize he had been thinking about it.

Why was I talking to him about this?? About him relocating to his village and pursue his ‘kheti’ and be in his village, in where he BELONGED.

As Steve Jobbs says, you can connect the dots only when you look back. Till then you gotta believe. That what’s happening is for the best and will show what it means later…

So this conversation will fall in place sometime… sooner or later. For now, it will be an uncommon conversation with the common man.

And may he hum along life......

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