Sunday, December 26, 2004

Wedding anniversaries

Yesterday was my uncle and aunt’s 23rd wedding anniversary! Its very heartening to see two people in wedlock, for so many years… happily and that, with all the virtues- love, loyalty, passion, romance…. And so on.

That also reminds me of my journey from Bangalore to Hubli to make it for my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary… for just one-day…need I say it was worth 48 hrs of bus travel??!! !!

Well and then there are these divorces cases… freak… they scare me off a yard!! All I can empathize with is the kids… they face childhood trauma… but there is also another way of looking at it… like most other things… may be they are entitled to becoming braver, stronger and sooner than the rest… life has its way of teaching us all the same lessons, sooner or later… and a lot of times the onus lies on us to pick these up cause I haven’t at times and it is all related to being sensitive.

I may not be making much sense from wedding anniversaries to divorce!