Sunday, August 07, 2011


Written back in time, unfreezing now. 

March 3, 2010, Philadelphia 

I can’t yet connect the dots. It almost seems like the dots are getting visible, but its like that hazy, blurry vision that creates an eye itch. So hazy, and yet, almost there. Enough light, sufficient vision, but  some more fine- tuning, until clarity comes through.
A stranger, wandering, albeit with a purpose. Wandering. Discovering. The newness in everything that comes with a new terrain. Even the seasons that went by and are yet to come by. Its not the newness in itself but the newness to me.
Time clocked. Days Passed. Seasons changed/ are changing- from resplendent Fall to a blanketed snowy winter. Two more months and Spring will come by and complete this queer chapter of my life.
Walking on campus that brims with energy- where life is a canvas yet to be painted and everybody is getting ready to throw in the colors, untinged so far by setbacks and disillusionment that comes with the passage of time.
I stopped for a moment on Locust Walk today. The chilly wind waning away the winter; students rushing past me wearing so many emotions, layered like their winter attire- giggling, smiling, conversing, grave. 

And I told myself that I was thankul for all the myriad experience that came to me this last year.  

For one, absence DOES make the heart grow fonder and the deepest relationship deeper.

And for creating some new ones- wonderful friendships; uncovering and gaining so much knowing and exploring the deeper ‘crevices’ of the complicated fabric of the human mind.

For almost rising back from the ashes, with new rigour, taking charge of life and charged by it.
For the Fall, the wind, the snow, the winter that’s paving way for Spring,
For Van Pelt library, Penn’s campus and the squirrels too.
I touched the fleetingness of that moment. And the fleetingness of life itself.