Tuesday, June 12, 2007

passing thoughts as the day comes to a close...

In this lifetime, another day, this day has come to a close.
With some hopes crashed, some that blossomed and others that lay still, lurking for faith.

With new lessons learned and some unlearned,
some forgotten and some taught- lessons of love, lessons of life

This day has come to its fag end-
With some bonds endeared, some distanced and most, paid no heed to

This day was survived.
This day was lived.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

a bunch of kids, grassfarms and a sunday

a bunch of kids- throws up more emotions in me than anything.
they are a bundle of innocence, insight, deep observation.
they laugh openly, and when they cry, even when they dont want to show it, their eyes do.
they are a fountain of energy which must and should go into play!

and kids in an idyll, peaceful spot at the government school of grass farms cannot make it any better.

so this sunday, not very far from the mayhem of city walls, grass farms held a memorable waiting for this weary soul. a bunch of kids (on a photoshoot), a rare good being- senthil- the photographer who agreed to give his time, space, energy and expertise probono to photograph these children on their most natural self- my day is instilled with a soothing hum in my being.

post the shoot I just had to break free. I cycled with these kids... took them on doubles, played with a just-born 2 day old lamb, who had not yet been named....I christened her Lakshmi and the farmer, joyfully called her 'Lakchmi' :P , slept in a village bus stand on a stone slab with the canopies above me n cool breeze just soaring my spirits.


dilip- he just wudnt stop wheeling the tyre all around the place. he wanted to be everywhere and in every frame :) and he pretty much was.

a cycling expert, she taught me to make a garland out of the gulmohar's flower leaves. she learned to make it outside the school where plenty of these flower leaves generously drifted off the tree. I cant put it in words, what she said with so much pain which she had let go.... she said ' yesht hoova bidtittu akka, adre kadad bitru gidana'. Translated from Kannada to English ' It used to give so many flowers akka (elder sister) but they cut the tree). And she continued to teach me to make the garland, now that she'd found those flower beds this day.

Friday, June 08, 2007

dont go away...

dont go away
continue to cast ur magical spell
the present of the past
has become the magical spell of today.

you came victorious to your beckoning lot
calmed them with your all-pervading cool breeze and soft colors
you make it seem like its yesterday, magical.

its a sight and feeling i want to forever hold-
the trees swaying in the cool but forceful breeze
the birds in control of their flight, playfully spreading their wings in joy... flying
the palliating sky that beckons us all to do no more harm
i bask in you
somehow the churlish rickshawallah overtaking from the left, the vagrant bikes criss-crossing my way,
the mayhem of today
leaves me unaffected as i continue to bask in u

its a sight and feeling i want to keep for years to come
but i know, in few days you will be gone
though very generous, your mercy is conditional like everything else in the confines of this world

we will sweat and toil in shadow-less lanes, sans calm breeze
the birds will not play in the sky, they will hunt for trees to perch and a voice to chirp
the sky will rage its indignation
and we would have lost yesterday
get vanquished with the magic that vanished away

I just penned this on Bangalore. The last few days have cast a pleasant spell of weather, recreating the magic of yesterday's Bangalore. I hold on to yesterday...

Monday, June 04, 2007

broken silence

broken silence and the soundsurround me.

on the weekend that passed by-
the nesting bird-couple that coo (through the night they are having a family) .
siddhu on a debate on cricket controversies being aired on NDTV (from the neighbours')
the honks from the nearby main road.
a beep on my mobile (i got a message!)
winds. trees swaying. leaves dancing.
thunders. followed by rains.
drops of water falling outside my window.
thoughts, in my head. (they criss-cross from person to person, thought to thought... endless!).

on a monday morning-
alarm rings non-stop (i keep snoozing it)
reminders of meetings.
the nesting bird-couple that coo (through the night. they are having a family) .
some U2 and coldplay. Followed by Venkatesha Suprabahata or Brahma Samhita.
knocks on the door (the help's at the door).
in office- everybody's on the phone, pretty much yelling.
i hear the keyboard as I type (No i dont jarr my finger, its the way the keyboard is :) ).
my phone rings.
construction works.
people gossipping. Laughing.

the unwinding silence, long broken, long forgotten.


Feel the wind on ur face. Heal.
See the skies, stars that twiknle all night, some shoot and some forever shine. Heal.
Hear the wind, it makes the trees sway and dance. Hear the waters that trickle, drizzle and shower. Heal.
Touch the love, in the smile and in the eyes. Heal.
Time will heal, and you will feel my love. Heal.