Friday, July 27, 2007

Just a dream, in the valley of flowers

Painted with a tint of glow
So many colours these flowers flood
Each flower calling out, with its unique stroke
A sense of being a colour that no other flower is.
That innate sense of being 'one-of-a kind'.

The cool wind wafts the scent of
this illusion
As I float with him
Over the river of colours

In this surreal dreamscape
There's more tranquility than colour
More reality than surrealism
More learning than teaching
All humbling me with the colorscape, prowess of his wisdom and love
The wafting cool winds bend me into an arc
Symbolising the unessential tiny being that's me

I float an ascending note of flight
It glides us, Him and me
(Dreamscape, so real, it makes me think its for real.)


Thursday, July 26, 2007


swirling in an illusory dance,
smiling to the sky,
cooling rain awakening the senses,
child's play,
happy songs,
memories coming alive,
long live the yesteryears,
dreams fire tomorrow,
for now- some tears,
numbing pain,
a colossal loss

Friday, July 20, 2007

he's no more...

in his felicitation ceremony few yrs ago, he said he had 13 grandchildren, i stood up to say (in that big crowd), ajja u got 14! (my cousins whispered 'he forgot you')).
he kept telling me last few months to come and see him.
and i never did go.
either it was work. or it was some personal chore.
and now he's no more.

i wish i did see him. just once. and now, i can never see him again.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Its time to stay grounded, on the battle-field.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wonders of India Foundation

It takes a UNESCO World Heritage for (most of us) to sit up and take notice of the historical, sculptural and cultural wonder that India was!

You know what's sad? It still is a wonder, if only all those monuments, temples that lay scattered across the country, unheeded and empty, were considered 'wonders'. In few such sites, there's nothing more than an ASI board (with paint all chipped off and gone) flagging the site as a 'Historical and Architectural Site'.

There's a leaf to draw from the Seven Wonders Foundation- to start a Wonders of India Foundation that takes charge or atleast, make this most neglected treasure of India a furore of/ for attention!

Monday, July 02, 2007

wars of life

its like nothing gets done and there is so much to do.
and yet you have done so much in one day.
fought egos. fought self. fought destiny.
fought the pit of one human against the other.
its a fight all along, isnt it?

the sun has set. has the battle come to a standstill?
no, the sun has moved on to another battlefield. and the battle is still on.

the flickering light of hope is dancing to the wind, a whip of the wind and the hopes are all lashed.

i either quit the fight or fight the quit. or better still, learn the art of war.
battles after battles, wars are to be won.
glorious wars against this world.