Saturday, October 11, 2008

A plane full of kids...

Written back in time, posting now...

After quite an eventful visit to Delhi, we had no idea that more was in store for us on our return flight.

As we boarded the bus to get to our flight, I knew this flight is going to be different. The bus was filled with kids! The bus was in terrible shape though (I anticipate Spicejet is soon going to be in for a long haul- the bus was pretty much akin to a public bus plying on the streets). M and I got talking with this kid who was sitting near the window, bag cuddled and all. The kids were on their return flight to Bangalore after an excursion to the Himalayas, happy to have been there but eager to get home as well. WOW! (I spun back to my school excursions- of their own kind packed with fun! )

They were a melange of a 50-60 bunch of kids- some sober, some mischievous, some haughty but all of them- highly spirited. They didn't stop talking, murmuring and or whispering for a moment. When the plane got jerky, the kids were going ooooo....aaaaaa and having their share of fun! They had a senior nun who was with them, chastising, shooing, losing-her-nerve over them.

For M and me, this was the first time with so many kids on the flight- and sure it was a big difference and one I can still feel, each time I recollect that experience.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Think About It...

An e-mail forward I saw today spelt this out so well and clearly too.
Its something we all probably know, but the wisdom does not knock us when the situation is such-

The stone after the throw
The word after it's said
The occasion after the loss
The time after its gone