Monday, March 29, 2010

When the plate gets the better of the platter...

Photo by Jason Varney retrieved from

You know your'e in a food art restaurant when the plate is bigger than the food. Ofcourse, that's not to be generalized as much as it's meant to be sarcastic. You get my drift and that's when the plate gets the better of your hunger.

I've had my good share of restaurants, mind you, those that come in all shapes and sizes and including their plate sizes and servings too, in a fair number of countries. The 7-stars, 5-stars, 3 stars, 2 stars...road stars (road side food) too.

Visual appeal is very important to me, no two doubts about it. It makes eating a more satiating experience, by not only crunching the hunger away but also by appealing to the eyes, atleast if your'e the kind for whom aesthetics matter. But what's equally important, if not more, is that the food lasts for a few munches atleast?

That probably, a good strategy, to place more orders and make more margins.

But you know what, we'd like our stomachfuls please, if not platefuls and our pennies' worth too.