Monday, November 03, 2008

I once was...

Anil Kumble retiring from cricket- it was a rush of memories for friends and folks and for me. Quite a few msgs and mails like this one from A (It had me wonder... "God! Folks actually remember! Sheesh!) "sending this ( to the most hardcore kumble fan i know! :) in memory of that scrambled scooty ride to catch up with the tall man for a happy pic together."

While in school some sort of a crazy Kumble fascination just got to me. Right from watching ALL of his matches to creating a scene to meet him at the benefit match in Hubli or the crazy bike ride to catch up with him along with friends and folks at a shop inauguration in Hubli, or getting another opportunity during an internship with at a production house... The fascination has waned away.

But here's to a cool sportsman, I could never figure out why Kumble though... didnt matter then, now either.