Friday, January 29, 2010


Amongst reasons like life changes that brought about self-editing of thoughts and experiences, I think I figured another potential link with regard to why my writing diminished.

And my guess is Facebook.

Is it because thoughts and opinions started getting channelised on FB status messages? Or for that matter twitter. Or is it that you feel the presence of people reading what you post, so it preempts you to be more active on FB rather than on the blogosphere...

Has this happened to you? Back in 2004, so many of us used to blog, and regularly at that. Not so much anymore.

Or would you just like to call blogging a phase?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"My Sweet Lord..."

Looking on and looking back
So many years have swiftly gone by
Life's mysterious colubrine trails
Will never stop catching my surprised eye.

Blessed occurences seldom tell you their story
Then one morning the elusive jigsaw puzzle fits right

Looking through and looking on
I'll never take you for what you have been
You can be all that you haven't
All that I dont want you to be
And all that I want you to be, all that you want it to be for me

You are beautiful
You are definitely divine
You keep afar
And yet, hold me so tight
You'll never let go off me, even when I have of you
I come back to you, you act like I was never gone.

My sweet Lord, Thank you!