Friday, April 27, 2007

On the cliff of Malshej Ghat

How many times we plan!
The bunch of us wanderlustbugs, who just want to set our feet on treks and adventures all the time or else dream endlessly of those distant hills, mysterious mountains and that hidden adrenaline-rushing adventure.

Many of these plans never fructify, but those that do- remain etched in mind's eye...
of which Malshej Ghat comes brimming in my memory.

The supposed farm stay turned out to be more than we could ask for, with Mrin's uncle taking us around some of the most beautiful places nestled in the niche of their farm surroundings, in the precincts of Malshej Ghat.

I cant forget the evening walk-up the ancient Anjaneya temple.

The pajama party thereafter, in the farm.

Lying on the grass and star-gazing, with the dawgs, those adorable dawgs, sitting by us and wondering what on earth we were looking up at/ for!

The curvy drive round the carpeted hills early next morn, upto the point where we soaked, soaked in waters that fell on us like mercy-showers. And D and i sang away, drunk on life!

And then the spicy warmth of the hot, crunchy vada pav, the taste of which is still lingering in my taste buds.

And that walk to the edge of the cliff, where we sat, sat still and calm, that brought all apprehensions mundane and existential to a peaceful standstill.

And we just gazed in silence, humbled by the breathtaking green scenes that stood before us, most unassumingly yet magnificiently.

And I sat there and made a secret prayer, clasping my hands (am sure all of us did hehe...!), that I would go there again, someday.

But with the list of places to travel that are just piling up and time not only shrinking but also running out.....

...... Malshej Ghat tell me, do you see me coming to you?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Travel Tag

"So if you could go anywhere in the world where would u choose to go?"

Apoorv just tugged a travel tag...

That not only reminds me of the places to go but also that its been REALLY long since I did any travelling. More than a year I think. Shame!

So, on this sultry afternoon, in solatary solace, i make a wish to be there sometime....soon-

Valley of flowers, Himalayas