Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ode to these days

Ode to Monday-
fingers jammed with cold
mind jammed with grumbles
sunday was so humble
now am lifting dumbles
with munday(ne)gambles

Ode to Tuesday-
tuesday has me on toes
with never ending woes
here my grumbling goes
yet another day of heavy dose

Ode to Wednesday
wednesday sets me in tune
with the week's sa(n)d dunes

the cold morning greets me
with a headache that teases me
all i can think of is me
and everyone seems to be like me

up and about i run
as usual in no sun
light rays from the comp
make me want to stomp

masks i want everyone to remove
and make them bare out their hoove
rather be a matador
than a masked actor

i need time alone
but in this crowd iam thrown
like the salon
where ugliness is beautified
and beauty is denied

tell me how far is the bay
until i swim to reach sunday

Ode to wednesday evening
wednesday is over
but my work not over
when will it stop to hover
i want to go undercover.


Ode to Thursday evening
thursday has me dumb
cos i have become (dangerously) numb

i have withdrawn
as i dont want to be drawn
into an abyss of the mundane lawn
i want to rise in dawn

and feel that sublime calm
and dew drops in my palm
that will be a balm

for a soul in such curry
and never ending hurry

sunday's a distant thought
friday and saturday i still have got
that has me in a knot
in which iam caught

i can breathe no more
i want some musical score
that has my heart leap
out of this creep
of the week's perennial weep

Ode to Friday
Fridays had me fried
Like mexican tomatoes that are sun-dried
I can't fathom how much i've tried
To make this heaviness subside

The week has been eventfull
I need to see the glass as half full
If I see it as empty
I will become hefty

With lots to achieve
But nothing to believe

Now I know one thing- all days are friedays
Its upto me to make it a sunday