Sunday, October 30, 2005

wandering ponderings...

deVASTated by nature's wrath,
overpowered by its tumultous rage,
nimble egos crumble.
fumbling under their breath, even if only for a second, in helpless agony.

how significanlty insignificant we are.
us homo sapiens.

right from the tsunami, to the incessant rains that hovered over us like a mighty-messenger telling us all helplessness in our face, grinding the city that never sleeps to a halt and the city of lost lakes to a rain-water-logged city.

in this picture of nature's maganinimity, look at deve(il) gowda lashing it out on naive Narayan Murthy. Bush tyrannying with Iraq (come on USA...haven't u learned from Vietnam.. Korea.. doesnt ur heart bleed for erasing innocent faces off the earth??!)
and like many, the thing that stings to hear is what Iraniand Head of State Mahommad Khatami recently said-
to wipe Israel from the face of the earth.

whatever little power we have is dovetailed in enemity , greed for more power, lust for/of war, craving for blood and death.

when are we going to rise above all of this?
what is it that will humble us?
why does one man's (or woman's) thirst to be all powerful destroy human lives and economies?

will the good really ever triumph over the bad?

( as i come to close this post, i see kids in my neighbourhood out in the garden, playing in the mud with cheer n delight.
time will peel them off their innocence and unfold a world out there, they wudn't have ever conceived. the world we are making for them)

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