Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bonded Labour

Now dont be deceived by the title! Nor by what is generally understood of bonded labour.

Am not referring to the bonded labour we studied about in history textbooks (who knows if its not history yet- existing in a lost corner of yet another ignored, remote village). Wat am referring to insinuates the labour rendering into years of working with the same organisation, people, household or even a cause for that matter. Its almost a labour of/ for love.

This is an ode to these three men I see at work everyday.

Parshuram ~ 20 years and still going.
Never been late/ absent on a single day except when he's been bed ridden. He's a hallmark of recognition at the place he works and a role model too.

Anant Jorapur ~ 11 years and climbing higher.
Class 12 education. Humble beginnings of a worker. A story of focused toil and alchemy that now stands him today as a supervisor. His equals are science and engg grads.

Ravi Kankannavar~ 10 long years and he's still electrifying.
Yes. He's an electrifying electrician and mechanic. There's more to him than his soiled cap and laconic smile. Just a look at a machine and he dives deep until he makes the machine roar again.

On another note, the place I interned at lost almost 12 people left in one year.
(Guess its all about the alchemy of the right people in the right place doing their rightful thing)

Really, gone are the days of bonded labour.

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Preethi said...

It takes great courage to have principles in the first place and to live by it every single day of your life is an acheivement really.