Friday, December 12, 2008

I've seen plenty of this kind of talk,
I've read enough in friends blogs,
I've felt it myself- to miss THE point.

When you touch the quarter of your life ( assuming the 100yr, else you've lived well past that quarter!) you tend to look back, increasingly. Look back at school and how that load of homework wasn't really that onerous, you look back at pictures of siblings and smile at those meaningless plays and fights (my Sis and I indulged in a game of catching butterflies, crushing them and making a soup of it.. ofcourse we didnt eat it! Pretty much a carnage...), the teachers weren't mean, wearing uniform wasn't all that bad. What stands out most is the fact that whatever Dad and Mum chided you for was for the ultimate good and love of/for you!

Its long-years after its gone, that childhood becomes a cherished chapter! Well past that utopian sheen of teen has abraded, that you stop feeling anger towards this world and you become a part of those who have given up! And mysteriously, it all seems to happen at that quarter of a lifetime.

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