Sunday, December 14, 2008

Towel-wrap In Times Like These...

P was watching Filmfare Awards, I took a disinterested, but curious, peek.

I was short of being shocked at what I saw. Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan were dancing on stage- bare-chested and more. They were wrapped in turkish towels with shaving cream on their cheeks. I was like, what if a (planned) wardrobe malfunction happens? Just then, the two chimps turn around and protrude their back to the audience and lift their towels up! They were wearing half pants though... ( in a few years that's going to get shorter and then disappear, I bet!)

I went up to M beloved and said- can you ever imagine Tom Hanks & Brad Pitt jumping on stage in front of millions of viewers wrapped in a towel?! When I told him what I saw, I saw my reaction replaying in him.

In times like these, when we need a civic renaissance, here we have our so-called, supposed role models displaying their immaturity in this manner- showing their merit to the world, doing what they do best. I wonder why the adulatorised Bollywood can't do something sensible- first of, atleast make some inspiring movies- like- Yuva by Mani Ratnam- which not only portray the state of Indian politics, but also show the action that can be taken. And it has it all the elements of a Hindi masala film- the dance, masti, glamour, music, violence & romance in good doses.

May be their holding back from doing something constructive for the people being tipped off by the underworld. May be their too wrapped in their glamour, like we are in adulating them! May be it just doesn't matter as everything's fine for them- ever wonder how these people are never held hostage or get caught in such situations like terror attacks?

I'll wrap this post now. With another thought- in the front page of Deccan Herald today, a quarter of a page was clinched by a photograph of the 'Miss World beauties'. My reaction... In times like these?


Naveli said...

We have two kinds of Bollywoods running parallelly - one is "only glamour" and one is "serious acting". Fortunately, or unfortunately, both have an audience, and each kind of audience has to live in acceptance of the other kind of "cinema"...

MJ said...

Very nice article, Simi. Some of the words had me in splits, but on a more serious note, I think a civic renaissance sums it up very nicely. Keep the keys busy.