Saturday, November 04, 2006

(Un)Interrupted Rain

We're not used to sunsets at 5.30 are we?
We're not used to unannounced rains that come interrupting
right into pleasant temperatures of November evenings.
That's just how the weather is right now.

Like(un)wise (pun intended) We're not, in general accustomed to anything more than the seasonal changes.
But interruptions do happen when ur having a suspiciously smooth ride, whether u like it or not, like the interrupting November rain...
that sets u back.

And the only way to not get stuck in the moment is to have one thing loudest and clearest---

"DONT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF and its all small stuff".

By the way, that's a nice book i've just begun to read...


Cruel Intentions said...

You love the rain?

simi said...

its a love hate thing.

Anonymous said...

rain is the most beautiful thing until it is interrupting the routine..even though all we want is to break out of the routine