Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Chords of ingenuity & pride of being U

I never really gave a second thought to listening to Kannada music from around today's times.
Swarathma's number- ee bhoomi dispelled all assumptions.

Another song that i ( even u) can instantly relate to jaana kahan hai mujhe is one of my favorites.

Plug in to Swarathma :) -- humble music from the chords of ingenuity and pride of being one's real self.


Anonymous said...

Not bad you should get more people involved in this- You'd be loved by all the Kannadigas
Keep it up- the more the variety of music you listen to- the most appreciative of cultures you become

simi said...

The point is not to make this a sectarian issue.
The larger pointis as u said having an open mind.