Friday, October 13, 2006

Wear Sunscreen

Bazz Luhrrman says so
And the doctor too.

Wear SPF 15- whether u go out in the sun or not, the sun rays penetrate ur skin.

So, wear sunscreen.


Apoorv said...

how much are these sunscreen manufacturers paying you for all this?? *Raises an eyebrow*


DK said...

This post by you Sim is a bit like a thunderbolt out of the blue :-)

Ah, sunscreen yes, i will remember!

simi said...

neki kar aur darya main dal.
acche ke liye bola aur....

keep ur eyebrow raised.


why is it like a thunderbolt?

Cruel Intentions said...

Dr. Cruel Says :- "You will die one day" So whould we live or no?