Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A damp morning and the waning siren

The morning mist made way for the damp wind.
People chugged along in the daily rut of routine.
Wake up in the morning, rushing for the 10 seconds of green signal waiting for you before a sea of wheels and heads.
I chugged along too, with a watchful eye.
The grey sky, almost colourless, loomed gloom.
The leaves refused to rustle and the wind blew uninhibited.

Some paved the way for others, some for themselves.

Then came along death
Sounding its siren loud
Pulling out everybody from the humdrum of thoughts.
The ambulance went ahead,
Trailing behing questions to ask and answers to seek
With its waning siren.

And everybody limped back to their humdrum of thoughts,
As the siren died silent.


Avinash said...

Yes, and it's like if you wanna reach faster or evade crawly traffic, just follow the ambulance! Damn, these politicians have it so easy man! Everybody stops for them hours before they even leave the airport or wherever the fuck they are, and most times the ambulance is sadly caught up in traffic, with the person inside having his life flash before his eyes, akin to the lights flashing by on a politician's car. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

i feel its the most melancholic sound in this world..that siren.

yes..but it does make the minds in the crowd converge for a couple of seconds..