Sunday, February 08, 2009

Lucky by Chance...

I'd like to start from the end. The end of the film is a li'l flat. One is so used to Hindi films having those dramatic finales! And am really sorry, but I have to say this ( for those who haven't watched this, u'd be disappointed that am spilling the beans on this one...) One wud really expect that Sona ( K Sen) would go back to Vikram ( F Akhtar) or that F Akhtar would never really go back to K Sen guilt-filled and all.

Anyway, we missed the first half an hour of the film. Hmmm.... we got a li'l lost finding our way through the streets of Gurgaon, we were driving out by ourselves for the first time, to see the first movie in this new city, which I have christened, Mallgaon.

I also don't understand why the film is called Lucky by Chance, as the protaganist propogates exactly the opposite. Is it ironical? As his big break, happens, only by chance?

It was good to see F Akhtar dance in Bollywood style. I liked the film for the objective perspectives it throws. And what a product of sheer talent! Rishi Kapoor is great fun, as always. Such refreshing acting! And ofcourse I love the funky aesthetic set up, that is Konkana's home.

I'd still want to catch up with that first half hour, not that it would change my opinion on the film. I can comfortably sit through any F Akhtar film- he picks stories that are worth his time and ours.

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Anushruti said...

mallgaon sounds cool!