Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Friendship day, mother's day, father's day, brother's day, sister's day, doctor's day, valentine's day- where have all these day's come from!?

These revenue generating tricks have tricked most people at the emotional nut bolt really well- why else would u have hazaar messages wishing u happy friendship day (some as plain as that and some entailing elaborate analogies).

Friendship is something we live each day and that IS the real celebration.

The sunny side to it all is- there are those friends who dont message/mail/call in a long time. But will not forget to forward a 'happy friendship day' wish :p

PS in retrospect:
When I/we was/were a kid- there was just Teacher's day where we danced for our teachers and likewise they did for us on Children's day.


Dragon's Kin said...

i didnt get a happy frndshp day wish :(

Cruel Intentions said...

Eh .. Bloggers' Day?

Simi said...

u got sensible friends u see :)

cruel intentions-