Wednesday, August 09, 2006


What else did I expect to find in the paedatric surgery ward other than heartrending wails and teary-eyed babies? Nothing really.

There came this grandmother who tersely said to the tiny 4 year old-something brat ‘Aditya come here and sit with me’.

Children solicit conversations with their mischief, smart observations or with just their cute faces and doleful eyes. So we got to know this Aditya who wants to be a Superman when he grows up cause he wants to ‘yelp’ people.

‘Seethamma, please come here’ called out a patient’s mother. So, somebody said her name’s not Seethamma its Narasamma. After a momentary lapse of deep thought, Aditya confidently said with his baby twang, beaming with intelligence- ‘Here, everybody is ‘Nurseamma’ the whole ward was smiling for a change.

What lateral thinking I thought!!


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