Thursday, July 06, 2006

Its happened to me more than once. Am sure its happened to you.
That a glance has said more than words, in an instant.


Apoorv Gawde said...

Love at first sight you mean ??

Simi said...

dont believe in that thing!!

not anonymous at all said...

If a feeling is "at first sight", that absolutely defines it as lust, not love. Love requires both acceptance and trust, and neither of those can be established in an instant.

Yes, I've had the experience of a look saying more than words. The last time I saw my mother, I was eleven years old. She was dying in a nursing home. She was a small, withered figure, less than eighty pounds, curled up in a hospital bed. She was far too weak to speak, so she just "glowed" at me. She radiated such love, and there was both peace and humor in her smile. She understood me, through and through, and treasured me, and I knew both that I was loved, and that I was worthy of love.

That moment is beyond priceless to me. It has sustained me in times of agony and joy.

Try to understand that I hope that you never need to have such a moment, and that, sometime during your life, you get to experience something so profound.


Cruel Intentions said...

A Look, A Stare, Emotionless, Expressionless, Yet powerful enough to bare the very soul that you have painstakingly concealed under the innumerable layers of lies, and sees right thru you. I wonder why I see it in the Mirror.

Apoorv Gawde said...

Good then....for a moment I was thinking this was about "Love".....
I do not believe in it either

Simi said...

not anonymous at all-
yes, dats quite sensible "neither of those can be established in an instant."

Cruel Intentions-
Perceptions are uniques just like opinions, i think. What i was referring to was a cold stare, that meant to express anger, disapproval wihtout a word. And what i have written means different things to different people.
Guess its what youre looking at!

I once read a quote about love and was taken aback- love is what you feel after 25 years of marriage.

Dragon's Kin said...

Hey, yea , that's happened to me many's both- a very limiting experience as well as an exhilarating one, I feel. It's almost like catching the precise moment when your fate or destiny is acting itself out with people n situations n places.....makes sense?

Simi said...

ofcourse it does. very profound.

DK said...

Ofcourse, and sometimes a sense of deja-vous.

To the not so anon comment -
'' If a feeling is "at first sight", that absolutely defines it as lust, not love '' - While your entitled to your opinion, i wonder if it is important to rationalise emotions, esp instinctive ones Coz they are the culminate of ones basic instincts. good or bad, right or wrong. So be it.

unforgiven said...

It has..

..and I misconstrued the meaning of what was said..

..more than once

Simi said...

That could have had the reverse effect :) !