Thursday, July 06, 2006

A constant feat

Proving one's worth is a never-ending feat.

(A professor from college said in a marketing class " You're as good as your lst sale, as good as your last month")

So, if you're mistaken you got to prove yourself to your first job, first love, parents and friends- you're wrong.

Its for all of life.


not anonymous at all said...

It's been my experience that it is impossible to prove myself to anyone but myself.

If a person is only "as good as (his or her) last month", then nothing is PROVEN at all, nor will it ever be.

To relinquish control of one's self-esteem to anyone else is the beginning of despair. This is especially dangerous in a romantic relationship. If I do not value myself, than how can the gift of myself to my loved one be the gift of what I value most? That was the lesson that the ending of my first marriage taught me. I allowed him to define my value, and I soon became a battered wife. When I reclaimed the right to define my value, the battering stopped.

My second marriage was all about the two of us encouraging each other to see what was most precious and unique about ourselves, and we had the most loving relationship I can imagine having with anyone. We still do. Death cannot change that.

Peace begins with the knowledge that you don't have to prove anything to anybody. You already are a miracle!

Simi said...

not anonymous at all-
i guess its rather a rare occurence.
u gotta prove yourself to the world and be at ur best at all times. its quite different a case with somebody you love, but its still a need-based relationship anyway.

nothing in this world is unconditional.