Thursday, May 25, 2006

Beyond what IS...

The soothing-sunshine cajoles the lurking-clouds away in the aftermath of a gloomy-day wrought with a frozen-numbness.
The crisp-glow lights-up the landscape and vanishes the sullen-silence of dullness into a sparkling-slience of green leaves.
The sun-saps out of the horizon, exploding crimson-tinted hues of a challenge overwhelmingly won.

The silver-lined cloud defines all that is vague,
With its molten-lining it contains all that's ephemeral and volatile, tightly in its binding care.

The silence of the night guards my faith in the constellation of its sparkling-stars.

As silence crawls into a cacophony of mundaneness,
Those untrodden-lands and those nomadic-dreams, tread my journey on...gently...


Nandan said...

Nice. Each line is haiku-esque. My honest suggestion would be that you should try writing haikus (if, of course, you haven't done that as yet.)

anushrutir said...

amazing....publish u r book on poetry!

Cruel Intentions said...

And when I read such stuff, I feel Bloated out by the sheer Magnificence, wonder who is bigger, the author or the work?
I am speechless

Simi said...

I'll take that suggestion and make a humble attempt :)

Oh my god! Who would read!?

Cruel Intentions-
If you ask me, neither is.
How are you doing?

DK said...

Beyond just the obvious :), the question is, is that a boon or a bane.
Ok ill stop seeking answers.

Cruel Intentions said...

Hey Sim,
Doing well. Read your blog once in a while. Will read more and keep in touch. Ask 4-Vedi to put his blog back. ;-)