Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Strangers & Friends

"Strangers can be friends. As much as friends can be strangers"
- DK & I


Jay said...

Realized that.

Cruel Intentions said...

I Think I Don't Even Know My Own Self As Yet

DK said...

Actually sometimes even long acquainted friends just turn out to be just familiar strangers.

How about the rebel - travel - nomads plan? ;)

Apoorv Gawde said...

I guess if one does not choose friends right then they can be strangers.Does not happen in my case :)

Simi said...

A lot of realizations dawn when one reads thoughts voiced by somebody else who 'chose' to give words to a silent thought. Isnt it?

Cruel Intentions-
Knowing oneself is a metamorphosis in itself. Most people spend their lifetimes understanding themselves, the world, and the meaning of life. Wonder if all this quest converges somewhere, anywhere...

Yes, that's quite true. Plans never work Divya. One just has to SWOOSH!

How much can one choose a friend 'right'without knowing da person (or for that matter, any relationship)? Not much. As knowing is not a mathematical equation. Human equations change with circumstances, situations, priorities and other multitudes.

U must be the rarest of homo sapiens inhabiting planet earth that does this one right. Kudos!

unforgiven said...

DK was supposed to my beer buddy damnit! :(

[ on a side note, I don't know what you're talking about when you say the 'rebel/nomad plans' but yeah, that can't quite be 'planned'. Either you do it, on a spur, or don't ]