Sunday, April 23, 2006

She says I should stop being a martyr...

Will try madamoiselle... [by the way, the French women are campaigning against the usage of the address "mademoiselle" traditionally meant for unmarried woman. As they are questioning (and rightly so) that why should an unmarried woman be addressed as mademoiselle and a man de addressed monsieur (whether married or not). Talk about equality (and fight for fairness)

Now you know why women are the fairer sex!... ok bad one. I agree.

KJ- Quite ironic that this post ended up being feministic ;) !

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unforgiven said...

Feminists in general seem to be unaware of a simple concept of the English language. There is a difference between 'equal' and 'same'

I bet though, the women who are complaining the loudest are the ones who are trying to get picked up for a one night stand and are afraid that someone they know will call them "Madame" by mistake. This happening in France, I wouldn't be surprised.

Someone needs to let them know. Men don't care.