Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Thankless Job...

For all the curses Indian roads beget,
One glance at the men and women who make the roads (Indian roads)
would hang a different perspective.
In heat and rain they toil and slog
With no protection from sun, rain, wind and dust.
Caps, sunglasses, raincoats...... you need your true companions.

Leave the lads in the heat and heap of dust
Eat food in the heat and heap of dust.
Sweat, blood and nerves- 6o:40::men:women is the moolah they make.

A million thankless jobs done and a silent blogpost written in honour of them-
one they would never see, hear or know about.

(Irony- sunglasses donned on those in air conditioned cars, cocooned in
moderated, dust-free cool temps)


Nandan said...

Good post. Never really thought about them. They pave the road for us and stay at the sidelines; literally as well as figuratively.

not anonymous at all said...

I always wave at road builder workers.

In a restaurant, I always tell the waitress to thank the chef for me. Occasionally, when the food is exceptional, I ask to thank the chef in person. I come from four generations of food service people (waitresses, cooks, hostesses, etc.), and I know how thankless it can be.

I tell everyone I see that they're doing a good job, if they are. Most jobs are thankless, and putting an unexpected smile on someone's face is a real day brightener for us both!

DK said...

Emotional value of the job taken in alright. Ok i might sound a lil 'matter-of-fact'..But they're atleast earning their living (its better than begging, youd agree). People at all strata are required to build a self-sufficient soceity, though not an egalitarian one. Besides a capitalist economy (india is confused about its style of economic governanace but given its over-liberalisation its surely aping the 'A' country) gives everyone equal oppurtunity to crack it from rags to riches.

But you atleast took time to think from their shoes..good one simi.

Simi said...

nandan- very true. wonder who will pave the path for them; figuratively that is.

not anonymous at all- many thankless jobs done.

dk- better than begging for sure. but wat i wud still say that its not only the emotional value- its a glaring right they nor we, demand for.

Tx all.