Wednesday, January 04, 2006


(loved ones have the power of emotions vested very tightly with them...)
a big incident and a rather small one made me ask...

why does it hurt to see a loved one in pain?
why does it hurt when a loved one says a rude thing, intentionally or otherwise?

simple questions with uncomplicated answers.
yet, not all that simple at all.


Anonymous said...

Simi, my dear, when you love someone, they become a part of you, and their pain IS your pain.

Someone I love is in pain today, and I would change it if I could. I cannot. All I can offer is my support and my love, and I pray that will ease it for us both.

I wish you peace.

jive said...

Yeah. I agree with anonymous. When you love someone their happiness becomes your happiness, and their pain becomes your pain...A weird osmosis type of relationship!!! :)