Saturday, December 31, 2005

Unwritten words and a distant gaze

somebody asked me this year to associate myself with a thing and the one thing
that spontaneously exploded in my head was
so, iv put down this picture i took on a recent trek to western ghats

seeing this river reinforced my identity, my being, my world

Let my thoughts evaporate into thin air.
Let my fleeting thoughts fleet with time and tide.
As I curl myself in thoughts, that melt me into NOTHINGNESS.
The abode that resides between time and space.
And the days goneby.

I peep through my arms curled around my knees,
See myself down the cruise that was 2005 with a distant gaze that goes without a blink.

A pivotal year in broadening horizons, achieving milestones and setting many more.

Failing some, winning some but learning and unlearning all along.
Seeding new dreams into fertile landscapes of a near future.
A future that seeks change, a future that needs an eye, a thought, a deed.

Memories and togetherness that etched themselves like those encrypted on stones that tell stories of eras gone by.
A time span of new friends, great books, of i-deas, of places and people.

Been to new places, discovered great friends(hips) with people who were always on the horizon but guess the right time hadn't come yet: Disha, Rajiv and Jiti :)

On the threshold of 2006 is a year that has with it an untold mystery that will unfold and blossom with every second.
This year is dedicated to making life more fruitful and meaningful.

chEErs tO LiFe!


wildpic said...

river is a reminder of the cycle of life and water ... forever transforming, forever moving ...

wish u a year filled with discovery, meaning, wonderment, joy and perfect health ...

chEErs tO LiFe ! ... simi ..

Amit said...

best of luck...wish u a very happy and a prosperous new year :)

Anonymous said...

All the best for the new year Simi! and all the best for finding the most beautiful of thoughts and emotions from the best the world has to give you!
be the adventurer you are be the best you can be!
god bless.