Saturday, January 28, 2006

Raft along...

Rafted for the second time on river Kali (with her mercy)
and this time i swam in the river... ah! Sheer bliss!
The previous time i'd only floated on its serene waters with the affectionate sunshine all over me.

Hmm....i want to freeze the few hours that gripped me with the raft, the oar, the team and the sparkling river, the banks of wild trees and spectrum of green, the hornbills that flew over, the spirit of adventure, the instance of being in and consumed by every mili second of the NOW...


In my ear.... 'team forward...stop. team backward...left back and right forward...stop...there we have a rapid...all forward... and inside..." (instructions the rafting guide gives u)

Been rafting before?

If not.... go for it! if yes.... go for it again ;) cos am going to.

(Hopefully this time it should be Trishuli river, Nepal).


Apoorv Gawde said...

river I come this weekend

Not Anonymous At All said...

You write very well. I really felt the rush of the rafting experience!

All of your writing is vivid and emotional, and I enjoy it very much. You are quite an impressive person, Simi!