Friday, January 27, 2006


It seems like a boomerang which globalisation and the new economy have brought about.
50 years ago, the sun was believed 'never to set' on the British empire.

Today, the world is flat. And probably economics and equality and the east will go hand in hand.

Am referring to the UK Govt downsizing and outsourcing govt jobs to India.


mandyfisher3334123722 said...

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not anonymous at all said...

The US "government" has largely eviscerated the educational system, here, handicapping it severely. This was done largely for political reasons, pandering to the ignorant and the close-minded. Most graduates these days are idiots who can't do the jobs that the government, and the global economy, needs.

The best illustration of this is a comment made by an idiot (Bush) who was elected by idiots, about an idiot (FEMA director Mike Brown): "Brownie, you're doin' a heckuva job!"

India, however, is giving quality educations to its people, and you there are winning the competition the jobs. This is only fair. You've worked hard, and you deserve it!

I am glad it's working out this way. We here in the US are living with the consequenses of our bad decisions. Maybe now we'll do something to fix this mess and give America back her self-respect.