Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Power of One

This ad made me sit tight years back when I first saw it. I was in school then.
I was overwhelmed by its visuals, music and message too.

"Not so long ago, a little girl in Alabama, wanted to go to the same school as everyone else.

And a gentleman from India wanted to raise consciousness without raising his voice.

In East Germany a man wanted to break free.

And a woman travelled the world, giving hope to those who had none.

This is the Power of One.

To protect your home in the Amazon

To prevent poaching of the African mountain gorilla

To rescue harpseals in Finland.

Or to care for the environment in your own backyard.

The Power of One is to do something.


Eversince, One Earth Communications has lured me and my interests in protection of the environment. I went back to their site today and checked out their campaigns from 1991-2000. Really awesome!

In my capacity (I could fare better), I have stopped using plastic. That's my little bit to the great harm we do each day to Mother Earth.

Am gonna tag my friends here, and ask them to write something they're doing or going to do, to protect Earth in their own little way.

Apoorv, Ayush, Divya, Karanjeet, Rajiv, Samit, Saurab


wildpic said...

it is a brilliant ad ...
wish u all the beat with ur little what i can do ...
one sure way of making people not do certain damage to things is to teach them to see the beauty of it ...

take care simi ...

think about it later said...

glad to hear someone is doing something.
as for the power of one, single drops of water is what the might ocean is made of

culnanmaga said...

Tis one of my all time fav ads.... u've gotten me thinkin.. wots my contribution to Mother Earth... hope it translates into something meaningful.. cheers..