Saturday, December 10, 2005


I sky gazed after long today.
The silence of the night and the distance between the sky and me are filled by the thoughts that rattle my brain.
I put a full stop to my thoughts.
And concentrate my eyes on the twinkling stars and bask in the vastness of the endless skies above me.
My mind absorbs the calm of the night and my body freezes in the crisp cold air.

Here am at peace, with the universe and myself.

(As i climb down the stairs back from heaven, I carry with me four shooting stars' sightings. pretty cool I think! A friend in another place, sighted 2. We were almost competing!)

1 comment:

D said...

and i've nver even seen one!! :(
love the pic if christ college!! it just took me right back to 'ada' and silly sngs and dancing for french fest! (the irish mistake!) ;)