Sunday, February 19, 2012

Its like a photograph

Songs are like photographs. Let me explain.

Photographs capture moments and hold it for a lifetime.
You look at them and it refreshes moments long gone by.
Although photographs tend to fade with time, both the memory and the photograph itself.

Here's the connect.

Songs you once listened to and cherished, captured the time and space in its entirety.
They speak of a lifetime and are in tune with the mood and spirit of the times gone by.
You listen to those songs and you relive those times.

I recently got down to making my songslist from various phases in life.
Each song unleashes memories. And listening to an entire playlist gives me the feeling of having flipped through an entire album- it gushes forth incidents, conversations, people, places, warmth, joy, happiness, friction, loneliness, betrayal, deep camaraderie, genuine relationships, struggle, rebellion, growth, adventure, dreams, summertime... so on and so forth.

A photograph imprints an instant, a song captures an era.

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