Monday, October 05, 2009

The Paradox

Ubiquitous creatures on the promised land
They are ALL around.

Ubiquitous finders seemed alien here
With an agenda of their own
In no time, they became belonged here.
So comfortable they have grown-
Munching hurriedly,
Moving scurriedly,
Staring threateningly,
Perching decisively.
Irrelevant they seemed, but they were all around.
Almost like they were on homeground.

Other ubiquitous seekers made their 'landmark' arrival.
Knowing for sure they were here to be ordained.
Some walked, some talked, some mingled, but, most meandered.
They tried so hard, they strove for so long.
They thought they had reached the promised land.
It slowly dawned, like the rising sun- like waking up in a reverie
They were still looking, they seemed lost more than ever.
Reality shone- They had burned many a calorie and their bank accounts.
They trudged on, to find a homeground.

The longstanding guardians of the promised land
Spelt out the irony on that ' not-so-landmark' way out-
"You came here a seeker and go out a seeker
You do not know what to seek
But you insist you do.
Your being watched, you ARE being directed and you may not know that too (like a myriad other truth). "

to be continued....


Anonymous said...

Very insightful. I especially like the quality "perched decisively".

- Ubiquitous - said...

Ironic, isn't it....or is it? :)

Like your writing. Straight from the heart.