Thursday, August 28, 2008


I regret the untimely, but slow dying of the words.

Sometimes it happens I guess, a flourishing kingdom gets plundered.
A prosperous life gets dry.

But we can always bask in the glory of the past.
Without making 'the' today miserable.

When something goes wrong the index finger is all ready to point the blame onto someone.
Its hard not to do that, sometimes genuinely and sometimes not so.

So here's to the glory of the past. And to the serenity of the present.

After all, what's more alluring than 'peace', with yourself and the world (if not the words)?


A conviction that the words will not die.
A secret stray ray of hope shines.
Words will get fuelled. They will flow, they have to.
Nothing can stop them.
The words WILL have to flow.
After all, words are thoughts that get frozen, those that dont just evaporate...


Shalom said...

You've been awarded!!! Hope this will help defrost some of them thoughts :D

Thought Warp said...

Hi sims... are the words disappearing because of numbers trying to replace them..!! Hope and pray it is a temporary phenomenon . Soon u will "lisp in numbers as numbers come to you".. Nature has the last word.. naturally..

Anonymous said...

hey u're poem afterthoughts...words r thoughts tht get frozen..jus delightful

Thought Warp said...

Hey Salom...
Thanks for the award!

Zanzibar Nights...
Thanks for your note...