Monday, May 07, 2007

Express Highway

The drive on Express Highway en route Khandala is a quick, efficient and sure shot way of a good break from the city walls.
That's another attribute (of the hazaar attributes) that sets Bombay apart from other cityscapes. Though the nerve centre of a country's economy and entertainment network, just a small battle through the gridlock and out you are, on the considerably handsome roads of Express Highway, on the roadtrip to usher a rush of nomadic veins.
And the kind of music system that my brother's car has, only makes the roadtrip all the more exciting and memorable.
Under one of the three tunnels on Express Highway

A view of the Express Highway and the lanscape its set in from a viewwing point at Khandala

Random Notes-

-The Express Highway is at its best lanscapes right after the monsoons, as it stands all green in glory.

-My fav lap in the drive has to be the tunnels!

- While driving over the quaint town of Lonavla at night, it looks likes the milky way has come down all the way, glittering and dedicating itself to the travellers on the road (haha i call this license in poetic thinking :) )


Anonymous said...

hey Simi!!
you back in B'bay? i'm planning to move back and hopefully start working there!

hope things are well.
take care sweets,


DK said...

Simi! i have very similar views of the express way - every square feet is scenic and panoramic. I loved every sec of driving on that EW.

Ram Ganesh K said...

Completely agree.
It's one awesome drive.