Sunday, October 08, 2006

Rain Drops

They somehow feel good, cause they come from up above?
Or is it the slight splitter -splatter sound in the way it falls?
Or is it that lovely puddle u can just jump into.....?

I dont know what it is. But, raindrops are special cos they make u feel like a kid.

But, as u grow older u tend to see the germs in the puddle of water u'd otherwise hop-skip n jump into.
Ur weary of wetting urself in the rain- fearing that nose-run n sore throat.
N u really wudnt want to go with a rain-splashed-attire for a formal presentation.

I think its with growing up that I have a problem with. But, can u really have a problem with something u have no control over? That thing called time? Nope.

:( am sad

i want to always play in the rain, and jump into the puddle o'rain water even when am barely able to walk- picture me faltering at every step trying to hold onto the walking stick n with an idea running behind those wrinkles of jumping into the puddle (that would straight set me on the funeral pyre).

so, as for now i'll settle with the sad thought of atrophy and take joy in the rain.
will figure out how to enjoy the rain when am m older n wiser, in the mean time.

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Cruel Intentions said...

Amazing, Isn't it? It was raining quite a lot the other day in BLR and I was caught in it. But to explain the feelings, I'll have to write another entry!! ;-) You there on orkut?