Saturday, April 08, 2006

The days of inequality are here to stay, relish them!

Fresh strokes of casteism are reiterating that the days of inequality are here to stay.

Its 50 years and more since India unshackled its chains from Angrez and the Aazaadi we live today is dovetailed into political games- a story of the player and the played.

What with 50% reservation for OBC's (and some more for NRIs) inequality is back with a bang!
The Professional Drama Company of India (comprising of talented chair throwers, screamers, effigy-burners', cheap-electoral trick players and few numerable suave orators), is known to be a sharp and manipulative lot hankering after power like vultures swooping down every opportunity to peck on the votebank. They are playing the same games the Angrez did- DIVIDE AND RULE!

There are many views shared about this enraging issue already-
  • Efficiency and quality will be hampered
  • Many who claim OBC status are not infact, economically backward.
  • Many so-called 'higher-caste' people are economically poor and do not have enough money for education forget higher education
  • The hardworking lot will continue to working hard and the others will smoothly walk in with their sheet of paper with the stamp of inequality on it
  • OBCs will succumb to the maneouvers of those politicians and vote for them in their short-sightedness and that of the politicians.
But what angers me most is the passive protest of those this move will affect the most- those who slog it out for merit. A photograph of Ambedkarji was wrongly reported to be removed by a BJP politician in Karnataka and there were rasta-rokos, effigies burnt and slogans yelled! This is going to affect the YOUNG people of India in more ways than one and here we are... blogging and silently petitioning online- who are we scared of so much??

And why aren't the Kalam's, Jethmalanis, Jaitley's of India speaking a word in honour of truth and justice??

Think of that dabba where the ballot papers are put. Just think of it. You will get the answer. Its a power hungry pedestal and a slumbering VIRTUAL lot.


DK said...

The unwarranted reservation will yeild a bunch of sub-standard professionals and it is the country and civilians like us that will ultimately be at the helm of their obvious resultant sub-standard services.
Sometimes it comes to me as a wonder that many consider this country to be a 'sleeping-giant' and replete with 'untapped potential' despite this repeated non-chalance and dirty power play displayed by the bunch of selfish dirty old men we call as our 'Netas'.
Why am i also not suprised at the massive brain drain.

Cruel Intentions said...

50% Of The Salary You Earn Is Going To Be Distributed Among The So Called OBCs, But Come To Think About It, You Only Have To Work 50%, They Will Automatically Do The Rest.

They Will Take Care of Half Of Your Kids, For That Half Would Belong To Them. Only Half Of Your Money Would Ever Be Stolen, Half Of The Bus You Travel In Would Already Be Reserved.

One Thing Still Puzzles Me, Why Are Not Half The Crimes Targeted Towards The Ones Lobbying For That 50% Reservation, And Why Aren't 50% Of The Agricultural Lands With Us, (Not OBCs). Why Isn't There 50%Reservation In Flight Bookings.

And Then The One Question I Have Been Wanting To Ask Ever Since. Why Don't They Pay 50% Of The Tax. Why Aren't 50% Of The Jail Seats Reserved For Them...

Somebody Enlighten Me

Simi said...

Our politicians are the most malicious fragment of the society and with the power they yield, imagine what blunders they could do unto us??
When V.P.Singh's Govt in early 90's imposed reservation students even committed suicide. And now he's back lobbying with the private sector.

Cruel Intentions-
I love what you have to say and how u said it too. Its quirky yet hard-hitting.

Thus Spake KJ said...

Nice post di. The rage is justified i must say, and the intentions behind the original idea of reservations is lost somewhere in the din of appeasement politics.