Sunday, April 02, 2006

Colonial hangover

Amongst seasoned Derby goers, a freewilly like me felt discomfort beneath my feet, as i waited for my 'very' punctual friend (much like me ;) ) to join me.

The oval green tracks made me want to run on it (ofcourse u're not allowed to step on it!).

Well-groomed ladies and all men in suit, prim and proper, sipped on vine as the city cast spells of a scorching summer to come ( yes, I reiterate, the men were in suit and tie too).

The long wait ends as my friend walks in, in formals sans suit.
Some members take notice and raise objection to him not wearing a suit.

Now, March is no time for a 'winter' Derby, definitely not in India atleast!
And that's the kind of a post-colonial shadow we live in. Its called winter derby, and be it pleasant or scorching hot, you've gotta be in a suit!

Hail Britishers! We got our freedom, but we still cant think on our own.


Nandan said...

Seems that they don't even have 'horse' sense. :)

Dragon's Kin said...

Being the 'very punctual friend' that you have mentioned in your post, just wanted to say that it was indeed a very different atmosphere that I experienced, felt like a sheep in wolf's clothing, if i may....but twas such fun!! First time I was at a derby, that too in the VIP section!!!

Guess there are no pills for THIS post-colonial hangover!! Lol

Simi said...

hey, i quite dint get that 'horse' sense bit. i know such things lose their quirkiness when explained... but, explain anyway.. :)

ya... it was fun! first time and for me... surely the last!

Preethi said...

Yeah. It all sounds like fun. But n'ybody bet on 'nything??? Any winners on the roll?

Nandan said...

Well, as you have pointed out it is against common sense to have winter derby in March and insist on wearing suits. Since it was related to Derby/horses, horse sense (which is an informal synonym of common sense) looked like a good candidate for pun.

Bit far-fetched, I admit. :-)

Simi said...

we were not part of the betters. no money to waste preethi!


Simi said...

got it, nandan!
so simple and yet dint occur to me :)

really they dint/dont have 'horse' sense