Thursday, February 02, 2006

Do Taana

Do Taana was a thematic dance presentation we did in college for Darpan (choreographed by Anita Santanam), reflecting the conflict in our lives between what makes us happy and what earns money, between what we want to do and what we ought to do. This conflict manifests itself in every decision of our lives - Whether it is choosing careers, or life partner or anything else.

Do Taana in Bengali means torn between two things. While material acquisitions can be flaunted and have a lot of props, what truly gives us happiness such as art and beauty are often intangible - thus the lure for material possessions.

But money has its own complications as our desire for money grows so does the difficulty in making it. Money spins a dark web of envy, rivalry, jealousy, that
people often lose themselves in its pursuit.

However there are people who resist its temptations to do what gives them joy.

In this presentation we captured the conflict of 'everyman' between material desire and true joy and beauty, through creative movement.



Apoorv Gawde said... too...?? cool

wildpic said...

wow, sounds very neat simi. do taana ... and saying it thru a dance makes it even more pronounced, the 'eternal dance of the heart and the mind' ... we all dance, but the quality lies in the grace !

cheers ! hows your dance going ?

MN3M0N1X said...

Hi Seema,

Just browsed thru your blog... was really impressed. Pretty aesthetic I must say. The Photologues blog was a class apart... every photo followed by a poem... ummm... now thats what I call artistic!!! Anyways... keep up the good job... do chk out my blog as well...


Simi said...


Thanks for the appreciation :)
Glad u found the stuff interesting and artistic.
But, do me a favor-- DO NOT cut short my name--- its Seemantini--- So BE it!