Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A 24 yr old stops for a moment...

These are the days of autumn,
When leaves fall and trees go bald.
Its when ur skin goes dry
And u gotta apply coldcream.

These are days when fun, frolic-filled days are a thing of the past.
Unlike college days, also a thing of the past.
Friends are scarce and have also been a farce.

When cousins u grew up with, in the farm-yards and tree-tops
Are entwined in 'the' life so 'busy'
When u meet, everything is but a facade.
The innocent, playful summer days
And teenage wonderyears spiralled round conversations till 12 midnight,
Are all gone.
Now midnights everybody resigns to bed,
As silence dawns and the clock strikes 12.

These are serious times- of career and life.
When questions float in your head like oil in a pan
And lofty life ideas and ideals dilute in the thick of reality
A slow vision dawns-- everyman and everything in his/her place of mediocrity
The vision is clear, they say... than ever before.

These are times when parents want to settle u down
And tie u forever in a nuptial (what!) knot
Those things an Indian girl would know,
Caught in a timewarp of contemporary upbringing, world-views and yet INDIAN ROOTS.

These are times when grandparents are going (some gone)
They leave behind childhood memories, their dentures and stories hold 'em behold
The ever-tender-loving-care too.

While everything looms blue,
Nothing's changed except the world around you.
Its time to run. Its time to fly.
Its time to BE a butterfly.

Its time to see the eternity that never changes:
The sun still rises
The monsoons leave puddles behind
The fields go green
And the stars shine bright.

Dont let things get to u
Dont get caught in the mundane rut
There is money to make and goals to achieve

But let one thing remain and reign
Let one thing forever stay
The innocence of the heart that flutters with the butterfly
And gazes at the stars with overwhelming wonder
Let the train rides be fun as ever... peep out the door and let ur hair loose
Hold hands of friends and run in a merry-go-round
Sing nursery rhymes loud and clear
Eat ice-cream like its gonna melt in a second
And eat chocolates like teeth were not ur care

Cos when u turn 25 you would not feel ol'
For the body grows ol', the heart- younger.

Kick ur feet up in the air, stay a kid, forever!
Stay!!! Forever Young!!


Apoorv Gawde said...


DK said...

Eloqeunt and VERY real. I have one word for the sentiments echoed through those words - "Empathy"

Suyog said...

Couldnt agree more with the 6th and 7th lines !

Sudhu said...

I am truly inspired. What words, what thoughts, but you make 24 sound so old!!! I'm just heading there, I hope it isnt as bad as you claim it is... but your words are inspirational, they'll get me through... I'm still YOUNG!! Woo hoo! (Argh, broke my knee)

not anonymous at all said...

When your age is three times what it is today, and your hair is a silver halo around your face, I hope and pray that you'll still be doing all of those wonderful things with your grandchildren, and teaching their spirits to fly.

This is a beautiful poem!

Samit said...

wonderful words.....

Simi said...

Apoorv- thanks (if that wow was for da post)

dk- glad u agree.

Suyog- let me check wat the lines say.

Sudhu- Its not that 24 yrs is being old or somthing. Its about staying young. And I guess now is the age when two parts of life meet-- dreams and reality and its how one strikes a balance, ultimately.

not anynomous at all- Thanks for ur gud wishes.

Samit- Thanks Sammy!

sans said...

Loved this part--
"A slow vision dawns-- everyman and everything in his/her place of mediocrity
The vision is clear, they say... than ever before."
Many more I tottaly identify with, would have to respond in detail, later. Great, thanks it really struck a chord in me! :)

Pratish said...


i'm impressed.


Simi said...


thanks for stopping by. do i know u?
cant see ur blog/ profile.


u are? thanx anyway... :)

Cruel Intentions said...

Even If I tried I, Would Never Be Able Write So Beautifully...

I still wonder why I don't meet people like You, DK, Rahul And Nutan For Real...

Teju said...

very inspiring....

it took me to those train rides... and those trivial pleasures of spending time with cousins...

swept over by a wave of nostalgia :)